Pageimage aboutus - About Our Company

LMS Prolink’s team is responsible and efficient when it comes to the content posted on our website, and also when taking care of customer’s personalized needs. Honesty is another highly appreciated value in our company, and goes hand in hand with responsibility in raising trust and reliability in the eyes of our customers.

Friendship has become very important within our company. By establishing friendships between our team members, we have become more effective and the work environment has become more enjoyable.

This impacts our final results, as it helps everybody stay focused on providing the best services.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to become the number one website for every Canadian to visit and rely on, at the time of considering getting any kind of insurance. We want to be known for our accurate and friendly content and making a difference in people’s lives with the information we share. We aim at expanding our reach further, improving ourselves and our services.

Another important goal we have is to become a physical company that people will be able to visit when they wish to receive personalized and face-to-face advice on insurance. While we do not want to become an insurance company ourselves, we do want to be the ones customers turn to when they have a hard time choosing which company to go to.

Our Motivation

Ever since we decided to go online, hundreds of people have given us their feedback telling us about the good impact our company has had on their lives. The more we receive this kind of feedback, the more we are encouraged to keep going on this path, stay accessible and grow with our customers’ needs.

We are motivated by people with negative experiences as well, because we know that bad choices oftentimes come from lack of information. Every time we see someone has made the wrong call about their insurance, or decided not to get any at all, we see the need to keep our website running the best way possible.